Starting Out Words

Hi everyone,

My name is Michelle and I’ve decided to start this blog as a way to express my many thoughts, feelings, emotions, and ideas; in particular about health and wellness, with tidbits of life thrown in.

My main goals for the blog are to keep myself accountable to living a healthy and active lifestyle and to connect with others to both offer and gain knowledge.

Everything seems to revolve around health for me, if I am not making it my priority nothing in life seems to go well for me.  As soon as I make an effort to make health number one, life is a lot more successful.

My wedding is fast approaching in just 4 short months, and I would love to look and feel really great about myself.  This blog is going to be my lifeline, my diary, and my inspiration for these months approaching the big day, and following it as well.

I hope to find a balance while changing and adapting to all that life throws my way.  I am really glad that you’re here, reading my thoughts, and while I am a bit nervous to share my trials, successes, and failures with you all, I’m really excited to start this journey.

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2 Responses to Starting Out Words

  1. Nancy says:

    So proud of you! You are such an amazing inspiration! Looking forward to following this 🙂

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