A Plan For Fitness

Fitness and I have really had our ups and downs.  I’ve had times where I felt great at the gym; lifting weights, rocking cardio, even helping other people come up with a routine or doing a move the correct way! And then times where I really feel like a beginner, can’t find something that I feel motivated to do, stop believing in the approach I had been trying, you get the idea…

My plan for the next while is to really hone in on what works for me.  I’ve started keeping a journal of sorts so I can review the different things that I’m trying and see the effect they are having on my body and my life.

I feel fairly confident in what I’m doing food-wise, there is room for improvement and I have a lot to learn about macros etc etc, but as far as eating clean I think I’m doing really well (pat on back).  In terms of exercise though, that seems to be where I’m lacking.  I’m ok with this, as I know that food is my strength, but I would really like to enjoy working out and feeling as though I have a plan of action.

Here is what I know when it comes to fitness and its effect on me:

  1. At this point, I don’t enjoy the gym.  I used to, and I kind of wish I still did, but since moving home I haven’t felt comfortable in one… and I’ve tried every single one in town (that is probably an exaggeration).
  2. I don’t feel comfortable doing group workouts, except with my close friends.  I don’t have the confidence to join a group and exercise with them.  Again, I wish I did, but the amount of anxiety I have over if I’ll be able to keep up, if I’ll embarrass myself, if, if, if kind of negates the positive impact a group workout should have on a person!
  3. I want my fitness plan to be something I look forward to and I also want it to be easily exchangeable and adaptable in case something comes up in my schedule.

With this being said, I have devised a rather simple plan.  To come up with this plan, I took the following into account:

  1. I just bought a Rip:60 that I am super excited to use.  This enables me to not have to leave my house for a workout if I don’t want to, yay!  I also have some light dumbbells and a step up bench.
  2. I signed up for Color Me Rad, a 5k in Calgary in the end of June.  As of right now, I am not very good a running, like not very good at all.  The web page says you can walk the 5k, but the image of running along and getting splattered by colorful paint is ingrained in my head and I think I would just look so much cooler if I were to be running!!
  3. I would really love to have some sort of definition in my arms and back for the summer and specifically for my wedding dress.  I don’t have unreasonably high expectations, just would prefer not to have back fat spilling out of my dress… nice.
  4. My lower body gets sore suuuuper easily, and I am a wimp about it for days.  My upper body gets kind of sore, but I can power through another workout without much whimpering at all.

So, in terms of exercise, this is the plan I have come up with.  It is very possible that it could change in a week, my fiancé and most of my friends can vouch for the fact that I change my mind and direction on things quite regularly, but I feel like it could be a really great fit for me!!!

Sunday:  Rest day/spend some time outside

Monday:  Full Body Workout

Tuesday:  Back and Triceps

Wednesday:  Group Workout

Thursday:  Back and Biceps

Friday:  Full Body Workout

Saturday:  Outdoor activity such as biking, hiking, walking, running,   etc.

In addition to what is listed here, I have purchased and downloaded the Couch to 5k app for my phone and am going to try and dedicate three days per week to “training” for Color Me Rad.

Starting next week, I’ll try to post what I actually end up doing on each specific day and I’ll try my best to keep it somewhat cyclical to see if I gain results from a certain routine.

On Wednesdays the group workout is just with a few close girlfriends and we are taking turns making up a list of what to do that day.  Depending on who’s plan, it is kind of crossfit inspired, circuit-ey, a routine you could find on a phone app, something with some running incorporated, etc.

I’m kind of bumbling my way through the list this week; I did a really small full body workout on Monday morning and then missed the Tuesday workout.  Hopefully next week it will go slightly smoother, and just start becoming a part of my day and routine.





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