Meal Planning For The Week Ahead

My fiancé Cody will be home from work tomorrow and I’m soooo excited to see him! This also means I have to be extra diligent in my meal planning though, as while he is super supportive of the eat clean-ness that takes place in our house he tends to add delicious and not-clean items to his plate that I try to resist 🙂

Click on this link if you are interested in seeing my meal plan:

Meal Plan April 22-28

 1 = Breakfast
 2 = Mid-Morning Snack
 3 = Lunch
 4 = Mid-Afternoon Snack
 5 = Dinner
 6 = Evening/Bedtime Snack

Note that although some of the snacks listed sound like treats (and are ! ) they are all made to eat clean. For me this means using coconut palm sugar, dates, or unpasteurized honey for a sweetener to replace white or brown sugar, alternative flours such as brown rice, chickpea, almond, oat, etc., and absolutely no use of dairy products. Obviously eating clean is more extensive than that but this is a quick overview of the principles that apply to me.

For the ribs I purchased a BBQ sauce that I’ve been eyeing up for a while and am super excited to try! It is called Amazing Dad’s BBQ Sauce. It’s organic and has a short list of ingredients (always a good thing!) and I’m hoping it’s delicious!!!

For pre and post workout I have been using the Vega Sport Performance product line, in particular the Pre Workout Energizer in Lemon-Lime and the Post Workout Recovery Accelerator drink in Tropical. I find them really delicious and almost juice-like.

To prep for my weekly meals, I do the following:

• I start by printing out a chart so I can write in what I’ll be eating for the week and make sure it all meshes and flows well from one day to the next. I set it up with the 7 days of the week and 6 meals per day, although mostly I don’t note anything down for #6 (bedtime snack) as I either use something simple from the fridge or pantry and more commonly am not hungry.
• Next, I peruse my recipe books and the internet for recipes that I want to try or that use some things we have in the fridge, freezer, or pantry. I fill in the boxes on my chart as I go and move and adjust the meals around until it seems like a well-rounded meal plan. (I admittedly sometimes do this on Friday afternoon at work… sorry boss-man!!)
• Once the chart is filled in completely, I grab a pad of paper and go back through the chosen recipes and make a list of everything I need to buy.
• Saturday is usually designated as grocery shopping day, so I get all of the groceries bought and put away, ready to roll for Sunday.
• Ok, now we’re at Sunday. I spread my meal plan chart, laptop, and recipes out on the kitchen island and get to work! The kitchen becomes a huge mess, but it’s worth it to have food ready to go all week. I opt to not prep every meal for the week, as I enjoy getting home and throwing something simple into the oven, but the key idea for me is to have food readily available for a busy day and to make sure I don’t get hungry and stop at the bakery for a goodie.

Sometimes my plans change, so I adjust my chart as needed throughout the week. I’m trying to follow my plan better on the weekends, as things tend to get crazy in our kitchen (aka: eat everything in sight at all random hours) when I don’t have to go to work!! I’ll keep track of what actually gets eaten this week and let you know how closely I was able to follow the plan.

Please let me know if you want links to any of the recipes I am using in my meal plan. I did note down the name of the website for any recipes I’m using if you’re interested in just searching around on their pages!!

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend!!

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2 Responses to Meal Planning For The Week Ahead

  1. I am coming over to eat all of your meals with you. They all sound soooooo yummy! And I can’t wait for Pedal and Tap!!

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