A Welcome Home Day

It was a perfect Monday for Cody to come home. The kootenays welcomed him back with sunny skies and warm weather.

I surprised him by taking the rest of the day off after picking him up at the airport. We took advantage of our free time together by taking a nice walk through our neighborhood, traipsing through the yard planning a fire pit area, and lazing on the couch (I had to get some reading time in on my newest Nora Roberts book!).

We sat down to an early dinner and it was a success!! Except with all the excitement of Cody being home and the ribs smelling so yummy I forgot to roast the veggies! Celebration welcome home dinners don’t require all the food groups, right!?… In any case, I added some red peppers to my plate and decided to call it good. I was really happy with the Amazing Dad’s BBQ Sauce! I’m not sure it would be full on “eat clean” but I definitely felt it was a better choice and will be stocking up and trying other flavors in the future until I have time to try experimenting and making my own. Also the sweet potato biscuits are a must try!!! We both thought they were really tasty. Paleomg.com has tons of great recipes and you must check it out!


My workday is almost done and I am looking forward to Cody preparing dinner! Later this evening we are going to meet with our guitar player and determine some songs for our wedding ceremony!!!

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