A Busy Sunday and Workout Programs

I keep thinking that I’m not sure why I started a blog, and that I should just quit.  Then I remember I would probably be writing these same things to my friends, all in separate messages and texts, just with no titles and more swears.

This weekend was pretty darn awesome.

I got to spend lots of quality time with my girl friends which is always nice, and the weather was amazing.  Sunday was a bit of a non-stop day including a 20 km bike ride on the local rails to trails, my brothers baptism, Cody coming home, and dinner at Peddle and Tap with friends.

The bike ride rocked and it totally inspired me to get more exercise, always a good thing!  Unfortunately by the time I got home and tried to make myself presentable for my bro’s baptism, there wasn’t much time to eat – note to self:  Always make time to eat.  According to my heart rate monitor I burned around 650 calories, which according to my research means I should have ate back around that same amount.  Not eating any of it back made for a hungry, lightheaded, slightly dopey Michelle.

A side note on my brother’s baptism:  It was very cool and outdoorsy and suited him to a T!  It was done at/in a lake, and followed by a hot dog roast!  It was meaningful in a special and personalized way without any pretensions.

The hotdogs were tempting given my state of hunger, but I persevered and ate the quinoa salad and a few gluten free cookies that my ma brought along before rushing home for a few quiet minutes before going to the airport to pick up my guy!!

Dinner at Peddle and Tap was so great as per usual, and I never feel bad indulging there; something about the atmosphere makes it seem totally acceptable!  I enjoyed a couple of delicious caesers and a steak sandwich of sorts.  The waitress commented on how funny our group was for ooohing and aaahing over each others choices, it must have been our inner “foodies” making an appearance.

My meal plan is posted on the fridge and I have high hopes of following it.  My Monday was off to a shaky start as my weekend didn’t allow for much prep time.  Luckily Cody is a fast and professional chopper and has kindly offered to help me out.  Tomorrow I should have containers full of delightful snacks.  Luckily between my fridge, pantry, and my mom’s house (for lunch) I was able to make clean choices and am very pleased with that.

This week I am feeling quite motivated to follow my scheduled meal and workout plan thanks in large part to my girl friends and their great compliments!!  My friend Danielle commented that my legs were looking nice and slender and then my other friend Ali said I was looking “svelte”, which is my favorite word and basically describes the way I want to look (she must be a mind reader).  Isn’t it amazing that a kind comment like those can inspire me to push myself to workout all week!?!?  Gosh, thanks girls *blush*.  It makes me remember to pay close attention to other peoples transformations and comment when I see changes that they may have forgotten to notice about themselves.

Something else I want to get done this week is looking into some more workout outlines and figuring out something a little more “concrete” for wedding body prep.  The internet offers so many different programs and I would love to find something structured that works for me that I can also change up when need be.  I’ve been looking at the Tone It Up program recently, but am going to do more research.

Any workout programs you want to recommend would be appreciated!!!  Enjoy your Monday, the workday is almost over!!! 🙂 


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3 Responses to A Busy Sunday and Workout Programs

  1. Svelte is the perfect word to describe how you are looking!! I’m so proud of all of your awesomeness/svelteness!
    Can’t wait for Wednesday- apparently Kir has a wicked arm workout planned for us!!!

  2. Lisa says:

    I feel so special for an honourable mention in your blog!! Glad the healthy choices were helpful. Keep on sharing; your thoughts are inspiring.

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