Support Systems For Health & Wellness

I wanted to write a note about finding support in your journey through health and wellness.  I am extremely lucky to have an excellent support system when it comes to my choices of food.  I have Cody, my Mom, and a handful of friends; some of who are making their own eat clean and whole food dietary choices and others who may not choose to eat this way, but who are more than willing to make “Michelle friendly” choices.  These people are so inspiring to be around and I can’t express my appreciation enough!

I am so excited to watch Cody learn about eating clean.  He comes from a restaurant background and while he has always made absolutely excellent and creative meals, over the past two years he has adapted his habits when it comes to making meals so that I can enjoy his creations guilt-free.  He has a way with sauces, coming up with creative marinades, and different food combinations.  I’ve never seen him have a “flop” meal.  He has dropped old habits like sautéing in butter or really using dairy at all, and has opened his mind to alternative and gluten free flours and whole foods.  It’s great because when he’s home we can take turns cooking dinner or preferably make dinner together and I can be confident it’s going to be a healthy choice.  In the same breath, after our delicious and healthy dinner that he spearheaded last night he tried to buy a box of Oreos at the store… sigh.  So tempting!!!

My mom is by far my biggest inspiration when it comes to eating clean whole foods.  She was making these choices long before it was a somewhat “mainstream” way to live and when there weren’t so many resources.  I remember being confused as to how she figured out how to use chia seeds, and admittedly how she found them appetizing (now a staple in my kitchen).  The fact that I can stop by my parents’ house for lunch or a snack and know that it’s 100 times cleaner than I could possibly make it is so amazing and helpful!  She is a wealth of knowledge and has trialed and errored so many recipe creations that she’s probably saved me cups of ingredients / hundreds of dollars.  She is the kind of person that always takes the time to make and bring healthy snacks with her on outings (something I’m trying to work on) and she is really good a whipping up a healthy meal on the fly because she keeps so many eat clean staples on hand.  She makes it seem easy to bring a healthy alternative along to a group gathering (which actually takes a lot of coordinating and planning ahead) and makes it appealing enough that everyone wants to try it.  She’s the person I call with a question or for some advice, for pretty much anything in life, but for the purpose of this blog to do with all things food.

My friends are yet another source of support.  I can go to Danielle’s house and know that I won’t go home feeling bloated or sick, and will probably be bringing her recipe with me.  She and I can trade ideas on alternative ingredients and the different methods and views on what healthy eating is.  She does interesting challenges like no refined sugar week or 100% paleo week to keep on track and I like to try and follow as well.  Not only this but she gets me up and out of the house for some activity and exercise even when I don’t feel like going, and she somehow makes it fun!  My friend Nancy doesn’t live nearby by we converse regularly about health and wellness and I always hang up the phone ready to bake something new!!  We do things like plan ways to make better food choices and get more exercise and it is a huge help to check in with her so often. These friends, and other friends who I haven’t taken the time to name, are so wonderful; choosing to cook without dairy if I’m coming over, or at least giving me forewarning so I can bring my own alternative.  The fact that they check in with me on what I can have and can’t, and are so willing to work around it or are okay with me contributing something I can eat really warms my heart and make me feel so fortunate.

These are the kinds of people that everyone needs in their life.  For some these connections don’t happen overnight and aren’t readily available, and it means going to a friend’s house with an offering of an alternative choice because there won’t be any other ones.  Over time people will adapt and even come to support your choices, and that is a great feeling.  Persevere and do what is right for you, it’s your health and your body and anyone encompassed in your social life should support that even if they don’t choose to live the same way.  Alternatively, draw your inspiration and support from blogs on the internet!  There are so many fantastic resources and motivational people out there and I will list some of my favorites below.

I really do hope that over time, I can be this kind of person for others.  I have a whole new plan of action for my own health and wellness in the works and can’t wait to share it!

Links to just a few of my fave pages to visit:

Healthful Pursuit

Little B’s Healthy Habits

Fit Foodies Healthy Life

Gracious Pantry

Fit Life Happy Wife

The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen

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1 Response to Support Systems For Health & Wellness

  1. Lisa says:

    thanks for the kudos Mish, I feel like I just received a bouquet of flowers!

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