Oreo’s (oh no!!!) and James Wilson’s Program

This weekend was so summery and fun!  Our first hot weekend.  And I indulged.  A lot.  My diet consisted of processed foods like chips and Oreo cookies and alcoholic beverages full of refined sugar.  Oh the horror of it!  It was fun and I felt like it was a summer celebration and now I won’t feel the need to fall off the wagon again for quite a while – perhaps I can hold out until my stagette?!?!  I’m back to craving whole foods and clean eats and would say all those naughty choices are merely a memory, but my bloated stomach says otherwise.

As I was saying in a previous post, I have been searching and searching for a workout program that I feel is a good fit for me.  I think the key here is just committing to something for a length of time.  The main programs I looked at (and I absolutely think they are all great) were:  Tone It Up, Jillian Michaels, the dvd’s from my Rip:60, and James Wilson’s program.  Aaaaand…. I’ve decided to go with James Wilson’s program!!  The awesome thing is that right when I was looking at his Facebook page a post popped up announcing a Summer Sizzle contest!!  You can find the details here.  It’s the exact motivation I need at the exact time I need it.  I am going to follow his at home program and basically have everything he says is required for equipment (very minimal).  Once you pay for his program you are invited into a private Facebook group with others who are doing the program as well, and it is an incredibly interactive and friendly group!  They are so helpful and kind and I don’t feel intimidated at all to ask a question which is so nice.  He has templates for caloric intake, what to eat in a day, and just so much info! 

I have a plan for a big poster to put in my workout room that I can keep track of everything on and will post a pic if when I finish it… maybe this evening?

Loving the feeling of looking forward to a workout.  The contest starts on Monday, May 13 so for the rest of this week I will be doing my own thing and possibly trying to get some Couch to 5 k in?


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2 Responses to Oreo’s (oh no!!!) and James Wilson’s Program

  1. Ugghh there was definite food hangover action on Saturday. Brutal!
    I’m so excited to see the results of your James Wilson program! C25K on Thursday after work? I can meet you somewhere (Community Forest? Isadore Canyon?)

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