Healthful Pursuit & The Dessert Freedom Recipe Guide

I absolutely feel the need to share with you the greatness of the Dessert Freedom Recipe Guide from Leanne Vogel at Healthful Pursuit.

If you’ve read my blog (all 11 posts ;)) you know that I love Healthful Pursuit.  My weekly meal plans always have at least one HP recipe incorporated, and you can bet your bootie I am signed up to receive an email every time Leanne posts something new.  If you’ve taken the time to check it out then you know this page is an inspiring place to be.  The website is totally user friendly, colorful and fun, and goes so far past the realm of healthy eating and really incorporates all of the ingredients that help you to make a healthy life.  There is a ton of positivity, inspiration, and motivation tucked into the recipes on this website.  Everywhere you explore you will find Leanne’s personal stamp, which to me feels like energy and exuberance.  Healthful Pursuit has played an integral part in my journey to eating clean and living for myself, and I couldn’t be more grateful for stumbling across Leanne’s website.

When I saw the post that a Dessert Freedom Recipe Guide was coming out I obviously had to have it.  Upon downloading and opening it up I was thrilled!!!  Same great format, style, and feel that a Healthful Pursuit fan is accustomed to.  The bonus of this purchase is you are provided with a PDF document to keep right on your computer or choice of electronic equipment.  Not only are you provided with dessert recipes, there are health-promoting messages to help boost self esteem and happiness in your life, information on different ingredients used in this book, and nutritional information in the back in case you are worried about values.  This book has it all.  Oh and the recipes, they rock too!  So far I have made:  Strawberry Chia Squares, Cream “Cheese” Crumble Cake, No-Bake Key Lime Tarts, and Raspberry Apple Crumble.  All winners.  Another great feature of this book is that below each recipe there is a recommendation of how long to keep it in the fridge, or if it freezes well, in the freezer; I find that kind of information super handy for meal planning!!!

Do yourself a favor and click here for the Dessert Freedom Recipe Guide page on Healthful Pursuit’s site.  Check out what other fans are thinking and take a look at the incredibly appetizing photos, all of which Leanne took and edited herself (wow).

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  1. Hi Michelle! Your words filled my heart with gratitude this morning, thank you for that. So beautiful and thoughtful of you to write about my work in such a way! You’ve made my day, that’s for sure. I’m so happy you like Dessert Freedom! Thank you for sharing it with the world 😉

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