Here We Go Again

Happy Happy Friday!

In about 1 hour my weekend officially starts.  So happy, so excited.

Well, I am a bit ashamed that no post has been written in the past almost 2 weeks… my bad.

I started a post last Friday, and for some reason it didn’t post…. so here it is:


I have had a very wonderful and full week, and am so happy to say hello to Friday.  My week was full of friends, fun, laughter, visits, and exercise.  My good friend Nancy came home to visit, and so I tried to make catching up with her a top priority!  We had a great day visiting, bike riding, went for a delicious lunch at the Burrito Grill, and finished our day off with an Arbonne Party!  Nancy has just started selling Arbonne and after letting me use some of her products, I can see why she is so excited to be starting this venture.  I invested in a few things and in the near future will post a link for Nancy’s information and some feedback on the products that I purchased.

James Wilson Week 1 is pretty much at a close.  I am going to have to do my Day 4 tomorrow, but am keen to do it and wanted to wait since today is busy and I really want to give 100% effort to these workouts.  So far I am thrilled with the program.  I spend some time each evening catching up on what the Facebook group has been chatting about, and going over the workout plan for the next day to make sure I know how to do all the moves.  It is a really well thought out plan and I am so thankful I chose to go this route.

Wednesday is scheduled to be a rest day, but I really enjoy my group workout with my girlfriends and decided to do it anyway.  It’s a beneficial way to spend an afternoon and if I end up being really burned out I may have to re-evaluate, but for now I wouldn’t give up Wednesday workouts for anything!  It was my day to plan the workout and I felt more prepared for it than last time.  I brought a few small pieces of equipment along and felt really proud that I was able to think up a decently well rounded routine!  It went like this:

Michelle’s Wednesday Fitspiration Workout May 15
Done as a circuit, x3 rounds, 45 secs ea
-Jump Rope
-Rip:60 T’s
-Jump Squat
-Band Bicep Curls
-Jumping Jacks
-Elbow Plank w Alternating Leg Lift

I sound so cheerful and upbeat- but that was then, and this is now – and in the now I feel frustrated.  I didn’t follow my meal plans, I’ve been in bed late almost every night this week, I’m draggy, I’m craving sugar, I am so not myself!  And the kicker, all of these things were preventable.  So I’m going to prevent:

I inspected my motivational posters, I looked ahead at the James Wilson workouts and learned the stuff I didn’t know, I made my meal plan and scheduled time for prep cooking and grocery shopping.  This is happening folks, I have to stay on track.  I have goals to attain!

I’m going to try to post a weekly fitness recap every Saturday/Sunday of what happened the previous week because obviously if I have to share what I’m up to, I’m going to have to be up to something 🙂 !

Hope you enjoy your weekend, and check me out on the Eat Clean Kitchen Table if you want to!!

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