Behind the Keyboard

Behind the keyboard sits a girl named Michelle.  Hello, that’s me!!  I started this blog as a way to keep myself on track in regards to health and wellness, and to be able to look back at my trials, triumphs, and errors as I navigate my way to the healthier future I desire.

I am engaged to my best friend, Cody, whom I met while working at a camp in Fort McMurray, AB.  We are getting married on August 17 and wedding planning has added so much fun, creativity, and organization to my life.  We recently moved into a cottage type of house in a small development just outside of Cranbrook, BC, where we are enjoying the perks of an outdoor lifestyle.

I have awesome parents and a younger brother, all of who live locally, and I am very lucky to have a close relationship with them.  I am also proud to boast an assortment of great friends who are supportive, hilarious, up for anything, and play huge parts in my life.


When it comes to food, I love what I’ve been up to lately; eating whole foods has helped me to feel successful in achieving health and wellness goals.  I’ve cut out (for the most part) refined foods and have chosen to cook and bake with alternative ingredients.  I strive to eat only foods that I would be proud to admit to, and appreciate the idea of a goodie made with clean ingredients.  I have chosen to make this my lifestyle, and by doing so have gone with the thought process that I’m replacing old choices with better ones.


I am pretty sure I have tried almost every type of fitness program out there.  For about a week.  My Visa would agree.  So far, my favorite thing to do has been weight lifting.  My current activity is the James Wilson fitness plan.  It incorporates weight lifting and circuits which in my mind is the perfect way to create a healthy body.  My other favorite thing to do is mountain bike.  I am trying to learn how to run, and would like to try cross fit and climbing one day.


I was originally introduced to this lifestyle around the age of 14, and how was I not interested.  My mom took an interest in alternative eating and had many good choices around our house, and I was choosing to sneak chips and junk food in.

I have struggled with digestive issues basically my whole life, and finally at 16 went to my mom and said I would do whatever it took to fix it.  We went to visit the Naturopath, and after some food sensitivity tests decided to follow the outline of the “Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type” diet.  This helped immensely with my digestive problems as well as boosted my self-esteem as a slender and athletic body emerged from the extra fat I had been carrying around.  I was finally living with no restrictions, and a huge anxiety had been lifted.

As I got into my late teens and early twenties, I unfortunately fell into the drinking and fast food lifestyle that so many young adults face.  This went on for longer than advisable, until around 24.  One day I stopped and took a look at my life, and realized how far I had strayed from my true self.  I began monitoring my intake of food and getting regular exercise.  Reintroducing healthy habits has taken a top of time and effort, but I’ve reaped results in both health and wellness.  Every possible area of my life has been affected positively by my efforts, and that is reward enough!

My transformation so far has led me from my worst point of 203 lbs to 160 lbs, where I am currently battling to lose the last of my excess weight.  Although I started out with the goal of 150-155 lbs in mind, over the course of this journey I’ve learned so much, and now I am aiming more for a certain feeling than a certain weight.  When my body looks and feels the way I want it to, that is when I will know I’ve met that goal.


Most people who are into alternative eating seem to have a real knack for developing recipes, this is not me.  I am really good at following recipes, and sometimes now even deviate a little bit, but I cannot put pen to paper and create.  My skill is more the finding of a recipe.  I have a way of scouting out awesome blogs and cookbooks full of alternative food options, fabulous recipes, and support for people making these choices.

I’m huge on planning.  I love to make charts to track different things, and use my day planner for everything!


Thanks for stopping by my blog.  If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me!!!!


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